Thursday, October 30, 2008

sick and tired

i'm sick. i tried to talk myself down, but really the moment i noticed my throat feeling raw and the pounding of a sinus headache i knew that the its just allergies rationale would not prevent a full-blown cold from taking over by the end of the day. so off to the medicine cabinet for tylenol daytime cold remedy and some airborne to medicate my woes away. and i would write more but it hurts to be upright and catherine from her bad mother did a great job of spelling it all out here. so read that and know my pain.

my husband just came home from work and brought my cough drops, vitamin C drops, and more airborne.
then he told me my face looked like someone wiped their ass with it. if that's lovce i don't know what is


Dawn said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well! If you need anything be sure to let me know! I'm happy to have Mackenzie if you need a break.

Feel better.


Her Bad Mother said...

Misery loves company, no?

(feel better!)

Average Girl In Average World said...

hope you feel better soon!