Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And Not Because You Are Sticky Or Terrifying

Recently a few things have happened.
Firstly, a few of my blogging buddies have publicly bestowed upon me some awards.  Many thanks to Teri at The Biopolar Diva,  Mungee's Ma at Mungee And Me, Drama Mama at The Scoop On Poop, and Melanie at Read It In 7 Days.  I will Proudly wear this Versatile Blogger Award from this day forth.

Another award I received comes from Adrienne at No Points For Style.
Adrienne explains the guidelines for the award like this:
The No Points for Style Bad Ass Blogger Award is given for just one thing: bloggish bad-assery. If you read my blog, you know how highly I value honesty – the kind where a blogger spills her or his guts in such a way that we all remember that we’re never, ever alone in the world. This award is for bloggers who write posts that cut right to the heart of the human experience. It doesn’t have to be tragic or devastating or earth-shattering (though it may be); it just has to be real.
I earned the privilege of wearing this badge with this post about the heinous PPD experience I had after the birth of my son. My guts are still hanging out all over the place from that post, and I'm proud to be "Bad Ass." So, thanks again Adrienne. No Points For Style is a highly recommended read for anybody who is affected by a child with mental illness, or anyone who wants to understand mental illness from an honest and raw inside perspective that is beautifully, poignantly written.

If you haven't visited these lovely ladies, you are missing out. You should definitely check them out.   Go ahead, I'll wait...

You back?  Pretty great mamas, eh? You're welcome.
Now check this out.

I've made some blog awards of my own.  Partly because I keep seeing the same ones floating around the blogosphere, but mostly because I'm off my meds.  These were made up on a whim, (which will explain a few things once you scroll down),  and specifically designed so I wouldn't find out later that I had stolen the image/likeness/idea of someone else would would want to sue me or throw tomatoes at my house, or whatever the punishment is for being an unintentional copycat.  If these exist already, I appologize.  And I'll give you the number of my psychiatrist.  Now without further ado I bring you:

The Chupacabra Award For Excellence
No chupacabras were harmed in the making of this award.


The Duct Tape Award For Bloggy Goodness

Extra bonus for me? I fulfilled both blog fodder, and quality time with the kids requirements by coloring these. Yay, Crayola!

Today I am offering awards to the following bloggers, for being awesome in one way or another, or various ways at the same time. Around here we call that multitasking. The recipients may choose the award they would like to receive, because I'm too lazy to choose for them.  I'm positive that I have not included a boatload of people who I love, love, love, and I blame the little children who crowd around me with their wants and needs, and have caused this post to take a day and a half to write.  I will be throwing out another round of awards in the near future, as I know these are more coveted than the Nobel Peace Prize, and other prestigious prizes that I can't think of right now.
And the winners are, in no particular order:
Katie at No Missed Opportunities
Alexandra at Good Day, Regular People
Cheeseboy at The Blog O' Cheese
Drama Mama at The Scoop On Poop
Teri at The Bipolar Diva
Adrienne at No Points For Style
Wombat Central at Postcards From Oblivion
Joanne at Laundry Hurts My Feelings
Mungee's Ma at Mungee and Me
Melanie at Read It In 7 Days
Ericka at Alabaster Cow
Midwestern Mama at Are You Serious?
Ratz at What Can I Say
An Imperfect Mama at Really? I'm A Mom?
Maxabella at Maxabella Loves
Kate at Help! I'm Surrounded By Penises!
Kristy at Pampers And Pinot
Dawn at Dawn's Daybreak  (and not just 'cause she's my mom.)
Margaret at Nanny Goats In Panties

Another thing? There are no rules for accepting these awards. You can gift them to 40 of your blogger friends, or you can hoard them for yourself. You can blog about 9 little known random facts about you or not. You can print them out and give them to Grandma for Christmas, or you can glue them in an anonymous ransom letter, the possibilities are endless! Just wear it with pride, and leave a comment telling me which one you picked.  To appease my curiosity.

Also, I'm thinking of big changes around this here blog.  I'm looking for a new design, and probably a new name.  Possibly a new server, who knows.  Suggestions are welcome.  Because I have no idea.

Spell check is arguing with me about "Chupacabra." It gives me only the option to ignore.  No such luck, Spell check.  Wishful thinking will get you nowhere.


Katie said...

Oh yeah baby!! I love these awards soooo much! While I write my acceptance speech, I will be thinking about a blog post fitting this honor. Oh, and the chupacabra is the new background on my phone. Awesome.

litanyofbritt said...

HA! That *is* awesome.

The Drama Mama said...

Hmmm. THis is a tough decision. The duct tape award is multi-purpose, and I've really been feeling the urge to tape one of these little people to the wall. On the other hand, the chupacabra looks pretty scary, and I could scare them off with that too. ;)

Thanks for thinking of me with the award. These are pretty awesome and will be fun to pass along.

Joann Mannix said...

Thank you so much! I am truly honored that you thought of me and on the same plateau as such esteemed bloggers.

I will pick the Chupacabra. Because: A: I too cannot spell it and my spell check is saying, WTF? Seriously.
B: Because you promised me my chupacabra would come do my laundry. He (she?) still has not shown up and so maybe I can tempt he/she with this award.
C:Because I cannot accept the other award since I am not good. I am bad. I killed a spammer, so murderers cannot accept an award for goodness.

Once again, thank you so very much. I will put this award on my front door in the hopes my chupacabra will stop by.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Oh Thank YOU!! This really made my day... having one of those I would love to bitch slap a ho days!! LOL!
I chose The Chupacabra Award. Tres Smexy.

Kristy said...

Thank you so much, and I am in such good company with the fellow nominees. Those that I do not know I will check them out! I accept both of your awards and will have fun crafting a post about it (and will of course link back to you, Litany of Greatness)! I am lucky and grateful to receive awards that have never before graced the blogosphere. I thank God and all the little people that helped in my way along the way.

Mungee's Ma said...

I will most assuredly be choosing this award:
The Chupacabra Award For Excellence

Thank you, thank you. :::Bows:::

britt said...

Great Choice. I chose both and gave them to myself. I can do that, right?

britt said...

I chose both for myself too. That's the beauty of both making the rules, and having no rules. (Just don't tell my kids they have options)

britt said...

I'm glad I've done my part to protect the hoes.

britt said...

He's not there yet? Did you put out the bread heels?

britt said...

I think that means you deserve both.

britt said...

Know what's awesome, me? I have just installed Disquss, which makes my life hella easier. GO ME!

britt said...

You probably now have the awesomest cell phone EVA!

Novellaray said...

I'll take the Chupacabra, appreciate it. I'll post it up probably tomorrow. Not feeling happy enough today, and I like enjoying my awards.

britt said...

I had that day yesterday. And the day before that. I feel ya!

Dawn said...

I love the new blog look. I'll have to look into more for mine. :)

Dawn said...

Hmmm. did this work? I love your new look!

Cheeseboy said...

This is the greatest award I have ever earned. I want all 3. I am taking all 3. I am taking all three and there is not a damn thing anyone can do. Thank you, I shall take my three awards and rub them in all my followers faces! EAT IT, LOSERS!

LitanyofBritt said...

HA! Know whats awesome? I only made two awards. And you're welcome. (I lol'd)

LitanyofBritt said...

Thanks, mom. :)

Margaret (nannygoats) said...

How aresome are you to be designing your own awards. I will accept the Chupacabra award in SPITE of the act it eats goats. Thank you! I'm honored.


LitanyofBritt said...

HAHA, enjoy!

LitanyofBritt said...

I'm honored that you would take an award that I made, the subject of which is known to eat the subject of your blog, and risk changing your blogs name to "Bones In Panties" which would actually probably get you a lot of blog traffic so you're welcome.

Margaret (nannygoats) said...

"Bones In Panties"
Ba-HAHAHAHA!!!!! I love how your mind works.

alabaster cow said...

i would like the duct tape. thank you.

Ratz said...

why thankyou Brtittany, aren't you just prettiness clubbed with badassiness.... :-P

i would like the duct tape award... and thankyou.... Genuflecting NOW! :-D

but i like The Chupacabra Award For Excellence too :-( guess i will never be satisfied with just one... EVER!

You were saying something about future awards... Remember me then as well :-D

and as for the suggestions- please do not change ur blog name because this is just perfect...

Kelley said...

I love that you created your own blog awards! Nice! Also, I like the name of your blog. I think you must keep it. Perhaps you want to duct tape my mouth shut now with that award you created? I'm sorry if I was a bit bossy. Congratulations on your awards!

LitanyofBritt said...

I think you deserve both. You can have both. This is the beauty of no rules. :)

LitanyofBritt said...

Your welcome, Cupcake. Don't ask about the cupcake. It just came to me.

LitanyofBritt said...

You're welcome! And that makes two votes to keep the name? Hmmm...

imperfect momma said...

Oh...hold the phone. I'm cool? LOL. Thanks! I hafta say that I defintiely want the chupacabra one. Just cause I like saying Chupacabra. Thanks lady! I'm thinking I got my funny back thanks to you - wipes tear from eye. You see monkey man stole it when he got sick...but now Im thinking I got it back. Dang...I talk a lot. How do I stop?

LitanyofBritt said...

Don't stop. Chupacabra *is* fun to say. Hope Monkey Man is better! Sick kids are the pits.

Dawn said...

I agree you need to keep the name!!!! I'm your mother so you must do as I say!

LitanyofBritt said...

It didn't work when I was 15 and it won't work now!
Just kidding, it probably will. I just like to be defiant. Like when I was 15. And all the years before and after that.

Alexandra said...

I love the name Litany of Britainy. It's cute, clever, easy to remember.

THANK YOU FOR THE AWARD. You had me from the beginning, you are that awesome.

Changes? changes? how come? Now you're making me doubt myself. Are you smart that way? do you know what to do? Servers? Design? Didn't you just change? will you be my blogging yoda?

LitanyofBritt said...

Thanks for thinking I'm awesome. :)

Honestly, it was mainly because my blog was hurting my eyes, (not due to the content--that hurt my head), with black background and the font. Because I have the eyes of a 90 year old diabetic. And because I wanted to use disqus for my comments, and couldn't with the old blog because I had tweaked it with too much code, and I don't even know code, and so I had no choice but a total makeover, and I used one of Blogger's ghetto templates. Dear God, if the blogosphere tried to follow my example, the blogosphere would die.